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While networks are the backbone of every company’s infrastructure, the reality is they are constantly under attack. Coalfire will test, validate, and improve your network security and reliability utilizing world class technology and unparalleled hands-on experience.

Improve security posture with a holistic view of your network

Coalfire’s network assessment services combines manual and automated testing services to present a holistic picture of your perimeter and network as well as recommendations to harden each part. Each engagement is a unique opportunity to improve our client’s security posture. From vulnerability identification to complex attack scenarios, we cover all aspects of your organization’s unique network infrastructure. We use the same methods and techniques as the bad actors do to provide a holistic evaluation of any type of network; external, internal, cloud, hybrid, and everything in between.

External penetration testing

Your external network is what your clients see and interact with the most, and it’s what is targeted the most as an avenue of attack. Coalfire’s pen testers see what an attacker sees and act like an attacker acts. We deliver realistic, relevant, and reliable testing so you’re prepared for the real thing when — not if — your network is attacked.

Internal penetration testing

Your internal network is where client data resides and where employees get their work done, so an internal breach can cause exponentially greater damage than external attacks. Coalfire’s pen testing experts use advanced tools and techniques to allow clients to see what a malicious inside threat looks like. Coalfire will test internal network, access, and security controls to assure confidence in your security posture.

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What can you expect from our network services?

Infrastructure overview

Utilizing industry tools and techniques, Coalfire produces a complete overview of your corporate infrastructure and assets to your business.

Technical expertise

We’ll deliver the most technically comprehensible information for all assets discovered about your organization. We’ll then go beyond proof of concept to make sure your team understands not only what happened but how to prevent it from happening again.

Organizational fingerprint

As Coalfire discovers your corporate assets, an extended effort is made to collect publicly available information about your company to better demonstrate how a foothold into an organization would be possible.

Top-notch communication

Our assessors remain in full contact with your company and team regarding testing hours, time & date, and resources being targeted, so your security staff can watch the assessors perform the analysis of your organization in real time, ensuring your organization retains full visibility of the assessment from start to finish.

Detailed guidance

Coalfire provides a comprehensive report via ou Hexeon platform, highlighting all details regarding what was found during an assessment, as well as technical consultation regarding how to reconfigure, or patch a specific vulnerability discovered.

Risk impact analysis

Coalfire provides an executive summary and high level overview of the potential risk and impact to your organization given the results of an assessment. Through this analysis, a plan of action is produced and delivered during a comprehensive readout with your team.

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