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Build a continuous, threat-informed cybersecurity strategy

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Platform Technologies

Compliance Essentials

Coalfire’s next-generation solution for managing compliance, assessments, and risk more easily and efficiently.

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Coalfire's cyber security platform, continuously manages threat exposure by blending human intelligence and automation to provide actionable insights that strengthen your cyber resiliency.

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ThreadFix® SaaS Platform helps development, DevSecOps, and security consolidate, organize, and prioritize application vulnerabilities from multiple sources and enable vulnerability management shift left for DevSecOps.

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“We achieved ATO, and we’re moving forward with a great partner. Coalfire is an extension of our operations staff.”

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Skilled cybersecurity experts supported by leading-edge technology platforms

Our Cyber Security specialists use Hexeon® to streamline vulnerability management and provide real-time actionable insights to reduce costs and automate internal activities. We're people-first, technology-backed.

25% Reduction in high-risk vulnerability with use of Hexeon®

40% Speeds up remediations with use of Hexeon®

35% Reduction in overall findings by rationalizing duplicates.

Solving your cybersecurity problems

Application security

Applications can be susceptible to adversaries from inception through deployment and beyond. Protect yours.


Our application security experts help you find vulnerabilities in web, APIs, mobile applications, and more.


Supporting our skilled team is ThreadFix® – our threat and vulnerability management platform.


Together, our people and platform provide solutions that span the entire software development lifecycle.

40% Shorter dwell time for vulnerabilities in your applications

1 Normalized view of what to tackle and where

Cyber Security penetration testing

Find your vulnerabilities before adversaries do.

Data Sheet Cyber Security Penetration Testing

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We use communication protocol testing, cloud infrastructure evaluation, network security testing, data protection review, compliance verification, and reporting.


Hexeon®, our Cybersecurity platform, streamlines vulnerability management and provides real-time actionable insights.


Coalfire’s Cyber Security pen testing uncovers vulnerabilities for cloud service providers and large enterprises across their complete infrastructure. With us, you'll be covered continuously.

800 Pen tests analyzed in our 2023 report

11,000+ Engagements

Industry success

Elite enterprises, cloud infrastructure providers, and SaaS companies across all major industries trust Coalfire to help move their business forward.

Partner with the people who can secure your growth

If you have security concerns, you can trust Coalfire to find and remediate vulnerabilities before your adversaries exploit them. Connect with us today to get started.