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Cisco needed a cost-effective, automated framework to enable unified FedRAMP certification with existing customers and to expand their digital services portfolio.

Working with Coalfire, we built the right stack, customized operations, and embarked on Cisco’s next-generation compliance journey together.

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Prashant Vadlamudi Vice President of Cisco Global Cloud Compliance

Solving your cybersecurity problems

Cybersecurity strategy advice and implementation

Compliance Advisory for PCI, HITRUST, ISO, and SOC

Certifications move business forward. We can help you strategize how to best use your resources to create and maintain a trusted cybersecurity program.

50+ Coalfire has open-sourced more than 50 innovative projects to advance DevSecOps initiatives beyond our immediate customer ecosystem.

$2M+ The free bundle from RAMP/pak™ can cut millions in engineering costs.


Our team is skilled at determining the services required to help clients achieve certification for their required framework.


Coalfire provides tools like RAMP/pak™ that gives you everything you need for your FedRAMP® journey and RAMP/pak+™ for support.


Coalfire will ensure that you have all the information needed to build a management system that conforms with the latest standards from one or multiple frameworks and move toward certification.

FedRAMP® Advisory

Moving toward FedRAMP® and DoD authorizations can be difficult, costly, and time-consuming. Advisory can speed up the journey and reduce operational burden.

Try our RAMP/pak™ open source for free

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Coalfire’s team has developed four offerings–RAMP/pak™, RAMP/pak+™, FastRAMP/app, FastRAMP/enterprise to support your path to FedRAMP authorization.


Our solutions are compatible with AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, and ensure fluid integration and optimization in each platform's environment.


Clients have grown their revenue 3-10X or more within their first year of achieving FedRAMP authorization.

Cloud Services Advisory

Enable your business with a secure, resilient, and compliant cloud infrastructure.

Insights on secure cloud strategy

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Our advisors build strategies, templates and customized architecture for your cloud infrastructure.


We will leverage Infrastructure as Code and other automated techniques to achieve and propose a holistic cloud services solution.


Coalfire can rapidly build and maintain secure, compliant, and audit-ready environments, giving you peace of mind.

80% We work with nine of the top ten SaaS providers in the world, including the five largest IaaS providers.

100% Coalfire evaluates all shared cloud resources to make sure you're protected.

Cyber Risk Advisory

It's important to consider your cyber risks from all angles. The people, processes, and technologies that support your business may be vulnerable.

Enterprise cyber risk and cloud security

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Our advisors have deep expertise in the ongoing process of identifying, assessing, and mitigating cyber risk.


Coalfire will holistically evaluate your technology infrastructure and identify paths to reduce risks to your business.


Together, we can create a stronger, agile cyber risk strategy that keeps your business safe.

~90% of attacks target vulnerabilities in new tech: mobile devices, IoT, and cloud

~50% of all breaches exploit a third-party connection

Industry success

Elite enterprises, cloud infrastructure providers, and SaaS companies across all major industries trust Coalfire for security and compliance advise that helps move their business forward.

Partner with the people who can secure your growth

Coalfire can help you develop and implement strategies that reduce cyber risk and prepare you for certification. Connect with us today to get started.