The average cost for a data breach in the technology sector in 2023 was $4.66M. We'll cut that cost out.

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Build and maintain a cybersecurity program for your tech or software business with expert support.

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Becoming certified takes risk out of the equation for you. Set the standard.

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Our adversarial mindset helps ensure a strong cybersecurity posture.

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Solving your problems

Would you like to expand your cloud services and reach new markets?

Coalfire can guide you to the security and risk management decisions that generate revenue in regulated industries.

Are you seeking a partner with an adversarial view?

Our Cyber Security experts and managed services can uncover your security vulnerabilities and provide remediation strategies that make you stronger.

Do you want your customers to have confidence in you holding their data?

Our Assessment, Advisory, and Cyber Security services certify the robustness of your compliance and security operations.

Industry Case Study

Tech & Software

FedRAMP® audit-ready in less than 90 days on AWS

With Coalfire as the cloud engineering partner, the internal team could focus on more strategic initiatives. The organization realized more than 50% on FedRAMP® OpEx savings.

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Secure your success

Whether you need assessment, a roadmap to compliance readiness, or you want to see how secure your financial services organization is, we can help. Connect with us today to access the people and platforms you need.