Diversity, inclusion, belonging, and equity

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We are passionate about making the world a safer place. Whether it’s the cyber world or the physical world, everyone should feel safe. We are committed to diversity and inclusion and driving meaningful decisions that generate lasting change.

Our top commitments to fighting racism and inequality

We will listen.

We will continue to provide a safe space where employees can come forward to share their feelings, experiences, and ideas to help drive change.

We will learn.

We will challenge ourselves to learn about racism and biases in our society and within ourselves.

We will discuss.

We will not shy away from uncomfortable conversations. Lasting change does not come from silence.

Words from our CEO, Tom McAndrew

At Coalfire, we are committed to living our values: respect, excellence, leadership, integrity, teamwork, and enthusiasm. As a result, Coalfire stands against racism, violence, and hate. We stand with fairness, equity, and justice.

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Cf inclusion
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We don't just want to make the world a safer place; we want to make it a better place, too. We partner with local schools, groups like the Girl Scouts, and nonprofits like Hope House of Colorado to inspire the next generation of cybersecurity experts.

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Our diverse backgrounds, experiences, and ideas broaden our perspectives and fuel our innovation. We hire, coach, develop, and promote our people with inclusion and diversity in mind.

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From Coalfire communities that connect team members with shared interests, to our employee-led Inclusion Council, we strive to create a culture where our team members feel included, supported, empowered, and respected.

Employee resource groups

Employee resource groups (ERGs) are an integral part of diversity and inclusion and are open to all our employees. ERGs foster a sense of inclusion that can spark innovation and encourage a culture of belonging through education, leadership programs, and networking.

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Our experiences at Coalfire

Michi Everett

I am privileged to work with passionate, intellectual minds of the cybersecurity industry. I am respected for my ideas and given autonomy to innovate and opportunities to collaborate with others to achieve the organization's mission.

Michi Everett Resource Deployment Manager
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Andrew Williams

I have worked here for some time and have watched this company grow and mature tremendously. The primary thing that keeps me sticking around and makes me proud to work here is the company's willingness to foster the truth in a collaborative, respectful way.

Andrew Williams Director
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