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Foundational application threat models to full-fledged solution architecture assessments.

Building trusted application threat models that allow you to achieve systemic coverage across your solutions

Businesses are making unprecedented investments in modern architecture, but these solutions require evaluating real-world risks against security controls to demonstrate systemic coverage. This complexity requires services that go deeper to identify controls and threats across the entire solution at any stage of the software development lifecycle. Coalfire’s threat modeling services evaluate risks unique to your solution’s architecture, focusing on threats and countermeasures rather than regulatory requirements or coding risks.

Our Application Threat Modeling Process in 4 Simple Steps

Step 1: Identify the fundamentals - We review existing documentation and diagrams to provide a point of reference when discussing threats and underlying risk. We’ll also use this time to gain an understanding of the current responsibilities and capabilities across executive and security leadership, development, and operations in relation to the in-scope application or solution.

Step 2: Break down the system - We break down the current security features and the system’s data flow to provide a baseline for system-centric threat identification and proper risk alignment.

Step 3: Identify threats - We evaluate required security controls against provided security controls to determine the adequacy of risk mitigation. Along with the people and processes supporting the in-scope systems, all relevant technology –including security tools like SAST and DAST and DevOps solutions that mitigate risk across design, coding, and deployment –will be evaluated.

Step 4: Provide actionable recommendations - We provide recommendations for addressing any areas where controls are needed or weak. We will produce a living document that includes architectural and security-based controls spanning the entire solution; this document can be modified in parallel with future development.


Why choose Coalfire for your application threat modeling?

  • Through a combination of real-world experience, technology-enabled tools, and proven methodologies, Coalfire can conduct comprehensive threat models more efficiently than your internal teams – regardless of your development processes.
  • Our 100+ AppSec professionals have experience in both software engineering and security consulting, which means we’re able to deliver actionable guidance on all aspects of application security. 
  • We conduct more than 1,000 complex projects each year for clients in the technology, healthcare, financial, manufacturing, energy, and retail industries. 
  • Our team comprises experienced testers of the world’s top cloud service providers, including Amazon, Google, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, and Salesforce. 
  • For the past 10 years, we have trained and educated security professionals at Black Hat in the advanced tradecraft we developed. 

Identify and control threats across an entire application at any stage of the SDLC.

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