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Empower your team to better respond to adaptive technologies and evolving threats with a solid foundation in secure development fundamentals, threat modeling, and application security leadership.

Engaging content and programs to get your people truly trained

Whether you’re driven by compliance or security, your enterprise faces the challenge of building baseline application security fundamentals within your development team while also identifying additional educational resources to expand your AppSec program. Coalfire’s series of application security-specific courses bring intuitive learning options that supplement traditional programs.

Application security fundamentals

Baseline training that arranges security risks and best practices in the AppSec domains, with specific vulnerability emphasis on those enumerated in the OWASP Top 10 and the PCI DSS.

Topics include:

  • Attacks using parameter tampering and client validation bypassing
  • Exploiting session management and authentication flaws
  • SQL and operating system command injections

Threat modeling

Covering multiple approaches for evaluating security threats, utilizing comprehensive threat models of example systems inspired by real-world enterprises.

Takeaways include how to:

  • Identify abuse cases for example systems
  • Draw data flows and identify system threats from those flows
  • Pinpoint risks in functional security

Application security for leadership

Real-world scenarios to help you devise solutions to bring software risk under control and build an AppSec program.

Topics include:

  • Root causes, impacts, and costs of application breaches
  • Creating a software security assurance program
  • Myriad regulatory regimes and standards impacting your organization

Why choose Coalfire for your instructor-led training?

  • Coalfire instructors are professionals themselves – assessing applications, building secure solution architecture, and helping clients build their own AppSec programs.
  • For the past 10 years, we have trained and educated security professionals at Black Hat in the advanced tradecraft we developed.  
  • We conduct more than 1,000 complex projects each year for clients in the technology, healthcare, financial, manufacturing, energy, and retail industries. 
  • Our 100+ AppSec professionals have experience in both software engineering and security consulting, which means we’re able to deliver actionable guidance on all aspects of application security.  
  • Our team comprises experienced testers of the world’s top cloud service providers, including Amazon, Google, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, and Salesforce. 

Build application security capabilities that last.

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