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Modern applications require more than just penetration testing. Our security assessments account for your apps’ configurations, distinct threats, and business logic to deliver results you can use.

Demonstrated vulnerabilities drive realistic, prioritized remediation

Coalfire consultants combine expert human understanding of distinctive application contexts with commercial and open-source tools, techniques, and custom approaches to determine what an attacker could do to an application, including:

  • Bypass authentication and authorization
  • Gain unauthorized access to sensitive or critical data
  • Manipulate data presentation at runtime

Application assessment

We conduct an extensive attack surface assessment from a dynamic runtime perspective for web applications, web services (APIs), and thick clients with custom protocols.

Mobile application assessment

Whether it’s a hybrid or native mobile application developed in-house or by a third party, our mobile AppSec assessments deliver breadth and depth regardless of the underlying platform or device type. We analyze device data storage and classification, test backend web services consumed by the app, and verify the confidentiality and integrity of network communications.

Hybrid application/code assessment

Coalfire has designed a completely transparent and in-depth assessment that is augmented with a focused code review to increase test coverage and efficiency.

IoT assessment

Our approach to IoT testing enables our clients to navigate device and ecosystem-related risks while balancing time-to-market demands.

Application security assessments from Coalfire

Why choose Coalfire for your application security assessments?

  • Our 100+ AppSec professionals have experience in both software engineering and security consulting, which means we’re able to deliver actionable guidance on all aspects of application security.  
  • We conduct more than 1,000 complex projects each year for clients in the technology, healthcare, financial, manufacturing, energy, and retail industries. 
  • Our team comprises experienced testers of the world’s top cloud service providers, including Amazon, Google, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, and Salesforce. 
  • For the past 10 years, we have trained and educated security professionals at Black Hat in the advanced tradecraft we developed. 

Test and assess to ensure your applications are secure.

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