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Coalfire White Paper Greenlights Effectiveness of Tempered Networks’ Identity-Defined Solution

August 4, 2017

Applicability guide confirms platform helps meet payment card industry compliance and cybersecurity requirements

Westminster, CO – Aug 04, 2017 – Coalfire, a leading provider of independent, comprehensive cybersecurity advisory services, today confirmed that Tempered Networks’ Identity-Defined Networking (IDN) platform would enable card merchants, banks and service providers to meet their federal compliance regulations and cybersecurity obligations.

In a comprehensive white paper and applicability guide, Coalfire said its stringent capability and compliance testing for Tempered Networks’ use of cryptographic identities had established that the company’s IDN platform could meet the requirements of the Payment Card Industry’s latest Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

To streamline the process of meeting PCI DSS compliance and reduce security risk, organizations are advised to segment the cardholder data environment (CDE) ensuring the protection of data that is stored, processed or transmitted.

Tempered Networks has developed a method of securing and micro-segmenting any host or network within an architecture based on cryptographic identities rather than relying on IP-based solutions. The company’s IDN platform creates and establishes trust based on the unique cryptographic data.

“Tempered Networks’ approach is both innovative and comprehensive with multiple deployment possibilities,” said Kennet Westby, Chief Strategist at Coalfire.  “In our lab testing against the relevant requirements of PCI DSS we found that the IDN platform provided very effective security and protection.”

According to Tempered Networks Erik Giesa, VP of Products, organizations deploying the IDN platform would also benefit from a significant reduction in the overall network and system attack surface.

“Our use of device cloaking and trust-based segmentation isolates the reach of any attacker and protects the overall integrity of the network and its data,” Giesa said.

Coalfire is recognized and respected as one the country’s leading independent compliance and cybersecurity testing facilities. The white paper on the Tempered Networks solution contains example use cases for deployments and a check-box guide to the performance of the IDN against the detailed requirements of the PCI DSS standard. 

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