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Coalfire RAMPCon Unlocks Public and Private Sector Strategies for Achieving FedRAMP and Cloud Innovations

June 25, 2024

Speakers who served the Office of the President, Dept of Defense, Cyber Command join private sector leaders to share insights on securing government cloud environments.

RAMPCon, Washington D.C. — June 25, 2024 — Coalfire, an industry-leading cybersecurity services and solutions company, today hosts top security and compliance leaders from government, technology, healthcare, and financial services to share lessons learned and the path forward for securing federal and state cloud environments. The company is holding its annual RAMPCon event to share insights from public and private sector leaders on the evolving FedRAMP landscape and its impact enabling innovation, security, and compliance. 

At the one-day event, the following public sector luminaries will join leaders from AWS, Cisco, Google Public Sector, JPMorgan Chase, Oracle Health, Salesforce, and other organizations to discuss strategies for ensuring security compliance and unlocking cloud innovation:

  • Chris DeRusha, the former Federal Chief Information Security Officer
  • TJ White, the former Director of Intelligence of U.S. Fleet Cyber Command
  • Drew Myklegard, Deputy Federal Chief Information Officer of Office of Management and Budget
  • Stan Lowe, Chief Information Security Officer at U.S. Department of the Interior
  • Jessica van Eerde, Director of Operations at StateRAMP

Sessions cover strategies for achieving FedRAMP authorization, partnering with cloud providers to accelerate the FedRAMP journey, and advancing security compliance through: 

  • Cyberwarfare challenges Cyber Command faced
  • A look ahead on how AI and cloud will impact global compliance programs
  • Best practices for CI/CD automation and encrypting containers in FedRAMP by Coalfire experts

“FedRAMP’s thorough technical and procedural requirements makes it the gold standard of cybersecurity mandates,” said Karen Laughton, EVP of Cyber Advisory Services, Coalfire. “Many companies pursue authorization to open a new revenue path. But as the attack surface grows, meeting FedRAMP compliance can also help organizations take foundational precautions to protect themselves, the federal supply chain, and our government.”

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Coalfire, headquartered in Denver, Colorado, is a global services and solutions company that specializes in cyber advisory, assessment, and security. The company also develops cutting-edge technology platforms that automate defenses against security threats for the world's leading enterprises, cloud providers, and SaaS companies. Coalfire is the foremost provider of FedRAMP compliance assessments and penetration testing services in the United States. For more information, visit and follow LinkedInTwitter, and Facebook.


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