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Coalfire Receives Accreditation from ANAB as ISO 27001 Certification Body

January 28, 2015

Denver – (Jan. 28, 2015) – Coalfire, a leading global provider of cyber risk management and compliance solutions, announced accreditation of its subsidiary, Coalfire ISO, Inc. by the ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board (ANAB) to certify organizations to the ISO 27001 Information Security Standard. Coalfire is one of less than a handful of North American organizations that have achieved this prestigious accreditation from ANAB.

ANAB is an internationally-recognized U.S. accreditation body for information security management systems. ISO 27001 provides the blueprint for a risk-based information security management framework. ISO 27001 can be valuable as an operating framework for a growing organization laying the basic groundwork for information security in their business, or complex Fortune 500s designing a highly sophisticated risk-based management framework for all information security in the company.

“Many of our clients are looking for internationally accepted information security solutions that could augment their PCI or HIPAA certifications,” said Rick Dakin, CEO of Coalfire. “Previously, there were no affordable integrated options available to them that included the confidence of an assessor and advisor with deep technical skills combined with the legacy of an auditor.  As the ISO 27001 certification becomes the choice for international service providers handling sensitive data on a worldwide scale, Coalfire offers a unique ability to test and certify cyber solutions for US regulatory compliance while adding the depth of skill and experience to certify solutions for global application”

ISO 27001 certification can help organizations control costs on additional compliance efforts like PCI, HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley.  Common processes, procedures and controls implemented as part of ISO 27001 can be leveraged for other compliance efforts, facilitating international trade and reducing the expense of redundant audits and tests.

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About Coalfire

Coalfire provides ISO pre-assessment and certification through its wholly-owned subsidiary Coalfire ISO, Inc. Coalfire is the global technology leader in cyber risk management and compliance services for enterprises and government organizations. Coalfire’s professionals are renowned for their technical expertise and unbiased assessments and recommendations. Coalfire’s approach builds on our successful, long-term relationships with our clients to achieve multiple compliance objectives tied to a long-term strategy to prevent security breaches and data theft. Founded in 2001, Coalfire is a privately held company with 12 offices worldwide, and is headquartered in Denver.