The Impact of Penetration Testing on Organizational Cybersecurity Posture

October 11, 2022
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Thanks to continued news about breaches and the rise of ransomware, enterprises are focused - often myopically - on protecting their external footprint. But this means internal threats are more likely to be overlooked, and that creates soft spots that attract bad actors. Coalfire’s extensive research highlights data and analysis that ranges from compliance and cloud vulnerabilities to social engineering and phishing results and web/mobile app security. With the ubiquity of mobile apps, NowSecure benchmark data shows growth in security and privacy issues across all industries.

To address today’s dynamic and expanding attack surface, organizations are increasing their testing cadence and selecting testing level due diligence based on the criticality of assets under review. What else can we learn from four years and 3,100 pen tests across almost 1,600 clients, plus analysis of more than 5,000 mobile apps from NowSecure?

  • What a defense-in-depth strategy looks like
  • Why frequent and ongoing pen testing improves security outcomes
  • How pen testing and compliance work in lockstep
  • How social engineering and phishing tests have moved the needle on lowering risk
  • Why mobile apps and web apps have different challenges

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