How to FedRAMP® your SaaS: Secure Your Cloud Solutions for Government Adoption

May 15, 2020
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The federal market is a prime opportunity for SaaS providers. Not only are more federal agencies accelerating their move to the cloud, but the time and cost to achieve FedRAMP authorization have significantly decreased, opening diverse paths to Authority to Operate (ATO) for SaaS providers of all sizes.

This webinar will benefit SaaS providers who recognize the revenue opportunity of tapping into the federal market, but may lack an intimate understanding of how FedRAMP works, what the authorization process looks like, and whether or not FedRAMP is right for their unique cloud solutions and organizations.

  • FedRAMP overview and background: Who, what, why, and how
  • Authorization paths and timelines
  • FedRAMP preparation: Understanding the organizational, technical, and financial considerations
  • Common challenges and keys to success
  • Best practices and strategies for SaaS providers navigating the path to ATO

As the leading FedRAMP 3PAO assessment and advisory services organization, Coalfire has helped more SaaS providers and cloud service providers (CSPs) achieve and maintain FedRAMP ATO than anyone else. Because of this, we understand the common questions, challenges, best practices, and keys to success for CSPs and SaaS providers of all sizes and all levels of security and compliance maturity. If you are interested in learning more about the FedRAMP process, if it might be right for your organization, and how authorization can open up the federal market for your SaaS solutions, join us for this webinar to get the full download on all things FedRAMP. 

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