Panel Discussion: CSP FedRAMP Journey

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This panel discussion brings together Devaki Chokshi, Head of Federal Cloud Compliance Engineering at Cisco Systems; Doug Hudson, VP of Public Sector at Orca Security; and Andrew Churchill, VP of Federal Sales at Qlik; to share their experiences and insights on their own unique FedRAMP journeys.

The panelists discuss their biggest challenges in achieving FedRAMP authorization and how their teams overcame them. They also share their experiences working with federal agencies, including the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Joint Authorization Board (JAB), and highlight surprising aspects they learned about FedRAMP. The discussion covers important factors in making a business case for FedRAMP, lessons learned, suggestions for program improvement, and advice for other cloud service providers. The panel concludes with an audience Q&A session, all recorded live from Coalfire RAMPcon DC 2023.

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