Demystifying FedRAMP and StateRAMP

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This panel session features industry experts who share insights about FedRAMP and StateRAMP authorization.

Insights include:

  • The status and adoption of the StateRAMP program
  • How best to tackle StateRAMP and FedRAMP, including insights on common pitfalls and best practices, as well successful approaches for gaining government sponsorship
  • The differences between the frameworks and knowledge of which certification is most appropriate for their business
  • Expected certification processes and timelines, how they differ, and how reciprocity works between the two frameworks
  • The costs and resources that may be required

Webinar panelists:

  • StateRAMP Steering Committee Member: Jason Oksenhendler, Coalfire
  • NightDragon Government Services: Katherine Gronberg
  • CalDorado Group: Mike Hewitt
  • FedRAMP expert: Charles Johnson, Coalfire