Penetration Risk Report 2019

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The Annual Penetration Risk Report provides a detailed look into the datasets tracked and analyzed over the last year of hundreds of engagements and penetration tests by Coalfire Labs, yielding unexpected insights and significant new trends.

Key insights from the report:

  • This year the sweet spot flipped: Large enterprises have become the most secure, due in part to having more big tech providers in the pool. Large enterprises in particular are becoming acutely aware of security as more frequent and massive data breaches come to prominence in the news, with more public scrutiny and more devastating results.
  • The move to the cloud is having a tangible effect on security posture and vulnerabilities as seen in our data – we tested more cloud clients and saw more cloud-related vulnerabilities, with cross-site scripting, injection, and security misconfiguration topping the list.
  • While external networks are still fairly secure and internal networks are still fairly insecure in parallel with last year’s results, app security has increased due to migration of in-house-developed applications to the cloud and by leveraging the appropriate skilled resources.

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