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Hope House of Colorado is metro-Denver’s only resource for providing free self-sufficiency programs to teen moms, including residential, General Educational Development (GED), and college and career programs. Additional supportive services include parenting and healthy relationship classes, life skills workshops, and certified counseling, all designed to prepare young mothers for long-term independence. On December 3, 2018, Coalfire RISE members teamed with Hope House of Colorado to announce a scholarship program to add to Hope House’s programs and advance our mission of giving back to our communities while supporting the development of cybersecurity talent.  

Anne Bayerkohler, founding member of Coalfire RISE and a Director in Coalfire’s Commercial Services group, was present for the announcement and had the opportunity to share her own story of encouragement: “I entered into Information Technology as a teen mom myself, and I understand how difficult it is to start a career and a family at the same time. It was a pleasure and an honor to share my own story and provide tips for success.” Coalfire had fourteen additional representatives present from across the organization to further support the mission of Hope House.

As a member of the Coalfire RISE scholarship committee, Shannon Whittemore presented the details of the scholarship opportunity. RISE facilitated a door prize giveaway to help the Hope House ladies in their professional development: a laptop, Amazon Fire Tablet, and gift cards.  

What was the response? Jenny Macias, Program Director for Hope House, said that Coalfire RISE helped elicit excitement, “provide knowledge about a career that is attainable and sustainable,” and that Anne was “relatable and credible.” Coalfire attendees were just as enthusiastic about the success of the event and are already looking for other ways to expand our partnership with Hope House. After the event several of the attendees were genuinely interested in cybersecurity and the industry. The attending Coalfire staff discussed the varying roles within this field and provided an opportunity to practice networking. Connections like these help young women learn about the opportunities available in cybersecurity.

In Spring 2019, Coalfire RISE will select one recipient from Hope House to receive a scholarship that supports a foundational cybersecurity class and certification. Coalfire RISE’s relationship with organizations such as Hope House exemplifies that we are cybersecurity that fuels success . . . even in our communities.

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About RISE:

Coalfire’s association of women in cybersecurity and leadership is called RISE (which stands for Recruit, Influence, Support, and Educate). RISE was developed in the fall of 2016. At RISE, we endeavor to buoy you no matter where you are in your career to provide a place to get to know others who care about your success to help you grow and learn. All of us have a story. These stories are laced with all the various reasons we are in this field and ways in which we have been supported or discouraged in this career. Are you willing to share your own story? We invite you to speak to our team of extraordinary women and men. We’d love to hear from you – please contact