An Integrated Approach to Security Audits

Coalfire Cybersecurity Team

April 1, 2022
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Conducting an IT security audit helps organizations find and assess the vulnerabilities existing within their IT networks, connected devices and applications.

Key takeaways:

  • Regularly scheduled audits can help organizations have the appropriate security practices and procedures in place to expose new vulnerabilities on a continuous basis
  • An organization should conduct a special security audit after a data breach, system upgrade or data migration, when changes to compliance laws occur, a new system has been implemented or when the business grows by more than a defined number of users

A cyberattack can be devastating to any organization because it compromises sensitive data and, as a result, the financial position, strategic vision, and more important, the trust and credibility that the enterprise has built over the years. Given the magnitude of this risk, what role does the IT security audit function play in minimizing the risk likelihood and impact? And why is it important to adopt an integrated approach to IT and security auditing? Finding ways to leverage controls and testing across multiple frameworks can save organizations time and effort during audits while giving a more holistic view of their audit, compliance and security postures….

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