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Coalfire’s FedRAMP advisory suite enables you to confidently navigate FedRAMP with offerings that range from free, open-source starter code and documentation to programmatic approaches ideal for enterprises.

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Pursuing FedRAMP and DoD authorizations can be difficult, costly, and time-consuming. This challenge is compounded by the need to align business units and existing product teams to adopt best practices for federal and defense markets.

Leveraging our proven expertise gained from providing FedRAMP advisory services to more than 200 cloud service providers, we help you plan and execute a seamless journey that adapts to your needs. Our approach is built on years of experience supporting organizations of all types as they pursue the FedRAMP and DoD marketplace.

FedRAMP advisory paks

FedRAMP advisory services


Our open-source option, RAMP/pak provides materials and documentation free of charge, enabling you to get the best start to your FedRAMP journey using tools we’ve built and successfully leveraged for hundreds of clients – all at no cost.

Our modular paks offer flexibility and scalability. Whether you're starting small or thinking enterprise-level, adapt our tools to fit your unique requirements and save time and money.

With our tailored RAMP/paks, you’re equipped with a powerful toolkit designed for the distinct characteristics of AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. Transform your cloud experience, no matter the platform.

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RAMP/pak+ combines open-source code with our expert-facilitated services to help you navigate the complexities of the FedRAMP ecosystem – enabling you to optimize your investment, time, and resources from the start.

RAMP/pak+ provides a user-friendly roadmap that includes a clear breakdown of your go-to-market strategy, alignment with requirements, and essential technical reference architecture – all supported by Coalfire's expert team.

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Combining advisory, engineering, and operations, FastRAMP/app provides full-service support to help you plan and execute a seamless journey spanning a comprehensive current-state assessment and environment build to technical operations and ongoing FedRAMP compliance management.

Once you’ve achieved authorization, you can rest easy knowing that we’ve got you covered. Our shared responsibility model of managing, maintaining, and monitoring your environment allows you to focus on what matters most to your business.

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Best suited for large enterprises, this approach delivers a seamless FedRAMP journey that adapts to your existing teams and processes and can easily scale alongside your organization. Our proven approach simplifies delivery and operations, so you can quickly bring new offerings to the federal and defense markets.

We fully evaluate the compliance of your current-state environments before moving to design, build, and implementation. Then, our technical operations team provides support for maintenance and compliance across your offerings to ensure the renewal of your authorization.

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Industry-leading partnerships: Through partnerships with AWS, Google, and Microsoft, we’ve helped clients secure more IaaS funding than any other vendor

What can you expect from Coalfire’s FedRAMP advisory suite?

Cost optimization

Through our value-added content and training, you can ensure your FedRAMP readiness from every perspective and maximize your investment.

Proven track record

For more than 10 years, we have helped hundreds of clients successfully achieve Authority to Operate (ATO) - 100% of submitted Coalfire builds have passed their FedRAMP 3PAO assessment.


Your authorization is truly yours. All security tooling, licensing, and infrastructure belong to you.

Platform-tailored solutions

Designed for seamless compatibility with AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, our solutions ensure fluid integration and optimization within each platform's unique environment.

Robust go-to-market strategy

Along with providing essential FedRAMP insights, we will help you develop your strategy, aligning with your unique needs, for a differentiated approach to FedRAMP compliance.

Frequently asked questions

What is FedRAMP authorization?

FedRAMP authorization is required for Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) to sell their cloud service offering (CSO) directly to Federal agencies and allows other CSPs within the FedRAMP marketplace to leverage your service.

How much does FedRAMP authorization cost?

According to industry experts, the average FedRAMP investment is more than $2M and 18+ months. Fortunately, Coalfire has a portfolio of FedRAMP services that can significantly reduce those thresholds.

What is my FedRAMP return on investment (ROI)?

While every CSP is different, we have seen clients achieve anywhere from 3X to 10X or more of their initial investment in a FedRAMP-compliant environment within their first year of authorization.

Can Coalfire help me get an agency sponsor?

Coalfire can help your agency prospects and federal sales team understand the FedRAMP process and the agency’s level of effort in authorizing your service. We can also help you establish a solid relationship with FedRAMP PMO. We recommend establishing an experienced federal sales team who can help you understand how to: build a pipeline of potential agency customers, understand your competition, define your differentiators in the FedRAMP marketplace, and navigate the complex federal contracting process. These steps are critical to finding an agency sponsor.

Should I pursue the Joint Authorization Board (JAB) or Agency authorization path?

It depends. While the Agency authorization path is the most common (and fastest), Coalfire recommends the JAB approach if you have 10+ agencies interested in your product or service.

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