Pen testing once a year isn't cutting it anymore.

Today’s ever-changing digital landscape requires a new approach to addressing the increasingly sophisticated and unpredictable cyber threat landscape.

Hexeon, Coalfire's offensive security platform, continuously manages threat exposure by blending human intelligence and automation to provide actionable insights that strengthen your cyber resiliency.

Watch our video to see how Hexeon can transform your offensive security approach.

Offensive security solutions for real threats

Coalfire's threat-informed approach to security focuses around emulating real-world applicable attacks against your business that are industry-specific. By running real threat profiling, and relevant attacks against that profile, we are able to provide tailor-made security solutions for the risks your business will actually face.


Discovery of additional assets within the attack surface


Reduction in overall finding (rationalizing duplicates)

Hexeon cybersecurity platform

Threat exposure management to protect your business

  • Simplify and automate the full vulnerability management lifecycle
  • Gain visibility across your entire attack surface
  • Leverage our experts to make threat-informed decisions
  • Focus on addressing the most-pressing risks to your organization
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Exposure Management
See Everything

See everything
and protect it at scale

  • Receive actionable data quickly and continuously
  • Focus on specific attack scenarios that matter most to your business
  • Scale knowing the most complex environments can be supported
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Why Hexeon

Scalable Systems

Scalable systems

Get adaptable tools that meet your evolving demands and ambitious business objectives.

  • Attack surface identification
  • Asset discovery
Rapid Threat Response

Rapid threat response

Quickly spot trends and prioritize risks more effectively.

  • User-based dashboards
  • Vulnerability trending
  • Vulnerability risk scoring and prioritization
Platform-driven experience

Platform-driven experience

Hexeon revolutionizes Coalfire's approach by digitally transforming results to provide consistent and fresh insights.

  • Contextualized findings
  • Real-time communication
  • Unified reporting and dashboards

See Hexeon in action

Contact us and we`ll show you how to build your offensive security program leveraging the Hexeon platform.