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HITRUST Compliance - A Roadmap for Success

"HITRUST Compliance: A Roadmap for Success" by Lenise L. Wilson provides a comprehensive guide on achieving and maintaining HITRUST Certification, a crucial standard for information security and privacy across industries. 

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Adversarial AI: Navigating the cybersecurity landscape

Coalfire’s Red Team Operations Leader, Pete Deros, discusses generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs), how adversaries are using these tools for effective ransomware scenarios, realistic-sounding phishing campaigns, and even writing malware and code to wreak network havoc in minutes.

White Paper

Peeking under the hood: A holistic look at application-level risks

Technology continues to move at an accelerated rate. We’ll continue to see a rapid adoption of artificial intelligence and other tools that transform the healthcare sector. If this transformation is to be for the better, we must care for its cybersecurity operations as a car enthusiast would care for their most cherished, classic car.

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