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HITRUST Compliance: A Roadmap for Success

HITRUST Compliance a roadmap for success healthcare

"HITRUST Compliance: A Roadmap for Success" by Lenise L. Wilson provides a comprehensive guide on achieving and maintaining HITRUST Certification, a crucial standard for information security and privacy across industries. It outlines the significance of HITRUST CSF (Common Security Framework), detailing its robust structure, broad recognition, and adaptability to various organizational sizes and complexities.

The document emphasizes the strategic importance of HITRUST Certification in enhancing cybersecurity measures and strengthening compliance frameworks. It discusses the financial considerations associated with certification, including both direct and indirect costs, and provides a step-by-step guide to the certification process. This process includes determining the scope of the assessment, choosing the appropriate assessment type (e1, i1, or r2), conducting readiness assessments, remediating gaps, and undergoing validated and interim assessments.

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