Keeping Pace with FedRAMP: History, Updates, and a Look to the Future

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In this recorded presentation, Karen Laughton, EVP, Advisory Services, Coalfire, provides key updates on FedRAMP and highlights the rapid growth of the FedRAMP market and its accessibility to federal, state, and commercial entities.

The session also covers updates to the FedRAMP program, including the FedRAMP Authorization Act, with key provisions such as the establishment of the Federal Secure Cloud Advisory Committee, streamlining the authorization process, and increased focus on continuous monitoring. The role and goals of the Federal Secure Cloud Advisory Committee are outlined, along with important takeaways from its discussions, including the transition to the FedRAMP board, sunset of OMB Max, and initiatives to support small businesses.

Karen also covers FedRAMP v5, featuring changes in controls and the inclusion of a Supply Chain Risk Management family. The presentation concludes with the announcement of the release date for new templates related to FedRAMP.

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