The Rising Impact of Cyber Regulations: Part Two

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As cyber threats continue to rise, we are increasingly seeing new regulatory and compliance standards emerge in response. These requirements are forcing cyber leaders, CEOs, and boards of directors to grapple with new obligations when it comes to mitigating cyber risk – or face significant fines or other punishment.

Join three top cyber leaders in this two-part series to discuss the implications of these new regulatory requirements for executives and boards of directors in every industry, including what strategies organizations need to consider and what the long-term implications of these regulatory changes could mean. What’s more, hear how regulatory and compliance efforts should fit into a broad cyber risk mitigation strategy for today’s organizations.

Key topics discussed include:

  • The increasingly complex global regulatory environment.
  • Strategies organizations are using to efficiently address the myriad of cyber regulations.
  • Perspectives on how the regulatory environment is likely to evolve in the next 3-5 years.
  • How boards and business leaders are governing compliance and cyber regulations.

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  • Part 2: How security leaders can effectively respond to increased risk

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