AppSec Champions Final Survey Results: Putting Numbers to Work

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AppSec champions programs have existed within application security programs since organizations began to worry about the security of their software. However, little data exists about how programs work and what best practices should be in place for programs to succeed. 

This webinar, featuring Coalfire’s vice president of architecture-security solutions John Dickson, will identify emerging best practices and commonalities captured during an industry survey of sophisticated application security programs, including:

  • Identifying and recruiting champions. 
  • How security organizations train champions.
  • How organizations communicate with champions in the field.
  • ROI practices that provide insight into how organizations are measuring success around their programs.  

Learn how these programs help security leaders to get upstream of the “vulnerability production engine” that expands the attack surface and how  AppSec champions can help win the hearts and minds of developers who are ultimately the ones who solve this issue.  

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