Press Release

Coalfire Welcomes Charles Henderson as EVP of Cyber Security

March 18, 2024

Former IBM cybersecurity executive brings his hacker leadership mindset to grow Coalfire's Cyber Security business

Coalfire, an industry-leading cybersecurity services and solutions company, announces Charles Henderson as EVP of Cyber Security services. He brings extensive experience in threat intelligence, incident response, penetration testing, adversary simulation, and vulnerability management from his tenure leading IBM X-Force and Trustwave SpiderLabs.

Charles Henderson will lead Coalfire's world class red teamers and pen testers to grow the business unit's unique combination of people + technology services. These offerings provide customers – including the world's most valuable companies – with the security expertise and managed services they need to protect their businesses from operational disruptions and costly penalties.

"I was impressed by Charles' seasoned experience leading security research teams and his practitioner insight into securing global organizations," said Tom McAndrew, CEO of Coalfire. "His hacker mentality is a great cultural match for our Cyber Security services. We're in the business of stress testing customers' cyber and physical infrastructures to uncover their security and compliance blindspots before a threat actor does."   

"I love helping customers improve their security capabilities and overall resilience," said Charles. "This is what excites me about working at Coalfire. We proactively bring the attacker's mindset to help customers find their gaps and remediate against vulnerabilities, threats, and risks. In the aftermath of a security incident, our hacking expertise contributes to the post breach work of rebuilding cyber defenses stronger than before."

Charles Henderson is a highly engaged member of the security community. He serves on the Black Hat review board and speaks about security testing and incident response at premier conferences around the world, including Black Hat, Defcon, RSA, and SXSW.