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Cybersecurity Opportunities for the Public and Private Sectors

May 17, 2021
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I’m happy to share a new paper by Cynergy Partners, co-authored by Coalfire board member, Jim Pflaging, titled Cybersecurity Opportunities for the Public and Private Sectors.

The new paper comes on the heels of President Biden’s executive order (EO) on cybersecurity, which seeks to strengthen federal cybersecurity amid growing concerns about threats to national security. The EO spells out a series of measures for federal agencies aimed at bolstering threat information sharing between the government and private sector, ensuring better software security, and standardizing federal incident response capabilities.

The paper highlights some of the key cybersecurity accomplishments and investments of the Biden administration to date. It also lays out recommendations for how to modernize and improve cybersecurity for government agencies, suppliers, and private companies that participate in this supply chain.

The letter is an important read to better understand the transformational technology and organizational changes necessary to harden the nation’s infrastructure and protect against future attacks.

Coalfire will continue to track the EO and implications for federal agencies and private sector, particularly for software and cloud service providers, who will certainly be affected as the government continues to strengthen the security of its supply chain. Coalfire brings deep domain expertise as the leading FedRAMP assessor, one of a handful of government approved CMMC assessors, and thought leadership related to SOC for supply chain.