An average data breach cost retailers $2.96M in 2023. Let's remove that painful expense.

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We optimize your resources so you can build and maintain a robust cybersecurity program.

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If you need to meet multiple framework requirements quickly, we can get you there.

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Security and resilience require continuous posture evaluation and remediation. We're ready.

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Solving your problems

Is your threat exposure making you vulnerable?

Coalfire can conduct industry-compliant pen tests specific to your business needs and provide detailed recommendations to mitigate your risks and attack surface exposure.

Looking to optimize your overall security?

Our Cyber Security services can reveal your vulnerabilities and provide remediation strategies to make you stronger.

Is your healthcare company prepping for a merger or acquisition?

Clients who are in charge of enterprise risk management are frequently concerned about cyber risk during mergers and acquisitions. Coalfire's Advisory team can unveil your AI and cyber risk gaps and build you a secure, compliant environment.

Industry Case Study


A major merchant needed help after a $10M global ATM cash-out attack

Coalfire's forensics investigation enabled the global merchant to work with international law enforcement authorities to identify the attackers, bring them to justice, partially recover the stolen funds, and implement lessons learned to avoid future breaches.

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Secure your success

Whether you need assessment, a roadmap to compliance readiness, or you want to see how secure your financial services organization is, we can help. Connect with us today to access the people and platforms you need.